Join us and become an active part of our family.

Every animal is special, unique, just like we are. Each animal has its character, its habits and vices, its good days and bad days. When we get to know an animal in this way, we give it a better life in which it can reach its full potential.

Would you like to contribute to a better life for animals and to bring children and nature closer together?

The volunteering program is designed for anyone who would like to gain experience with horses or with the bonding of children and animals.

Each volunteer contributes in his/her own way to the welfare of the horses and other animals on the property and to raising awareness about animals.
We offer a variety of options to suit your wishes, interests, passions, and skills. Whether you want to help with animal care, landscaping, or help with our ongoing programs, we have an opportunity for you.

The work we do at Kaja and Grom Ranch is demanding and responsible, and all ranchers are well aware of this. That is why we ask anyone who would like to gain experience with us to take volunteering seriously.

The volunteer will gain practical experience in the field:
– animal care (dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, piglets, horses) according to the principles of the King’s approach method.
– landscaping (paddocks, fence repair, renovation/repair of wooden buildings, garden, etc.)
– implementation of programs for children and adults following the principles of the King’s approach method.

Volunteering enriches an individual’s soul, body, and mind.

Did you know that research has shown that charity work has a positive impact on individual health?
When we start paying attention to others and stop thinking about our problems, our stress levels decrease. As a result, our immune system improves. Helping others gives us a sense of satisfaction, purpose, positive emotions and improves our self-image.
Volunteering allows you to touch others, follow your vision and aspirations and be part of something bigger.
Through volunteering, you meet new people, weave new friendships and see things from different perspectives.
Volunteering gives you a wide variety of new experiences that allow you to choose a career that suits you, or to adapt faster, be more resourceful, take on more responsibility, and, as a result, get promoted more quickly.

Three weeks of volunteering

Join us and spend at least 3 weeks in our company. The first week is dedicated to gaining basic knowledge in the field you have chosen. For the next two weeks, we will do daily assignments or special projects together.

We offer accommodation and meals to a volunteer who will spend three weeks with us in exchange for help. Upon completion, he will obtain a certificate of completed volunteering.

Daily volunteering

Moreover, you can come as a volunteer once or twice a week. In this case, we ask that your volunteering takes place over a longer period, as we need quite some time to be able to coordinate and teach you our approach to animals, philosophy, and way of work. Only when knowledge of animals is sufficient, you can really start to help and so volunteer.

In this case, the volunteer receives a certificate after 21 days of volunteering.

Volunteering for families

Volunteering as a family is a special experience through which you can encounter unforgettable moments. Working together can bring you even closer as a family, and also surely everyone in the family has special hidden talents that will come to the fore through work.
Spend quality time with children and present your values to them by example. Children learn not only in school from teachers but also in their free time from parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, shopkeepers, hairdressers,… They learn mainly through observation and imitate what is they see. Through volunteering, you can show your child your positive values such as compassion, responsibility, gratitude,…. Through volunteering, a child also develops an interpersonal relationship and ways of communication, the ability to lead or follow instructions, and teamwork. Volunteering strengthens family ties while helping to improve the well-being and life of animals. In addition to the psychological, physical, and emotional development of each family member, we must not forget that volunteering can be very fun and satisfying. Even during the work itself, we can be amused by fun situations, not to mention the feeling when at the end of the day, pleasantly tired, you can see the completed joint project.
After completing the project, a family gets a certificate of family volunteering.

ATTENTION: the volunteer program for families is not a weekend package at the Kaja and Grom Ranch. The program is designed for families to participate in work and help with various tasks on the Ranch. At the first visit, we do not guarantee contact with animals (brushing, equility). In case you as a family participate regularly and repeatedly, we will also reword your participation by working with animals (brushing, equility,…). It is important to understand that working with horses requires a certain amount of knowledge, which unfortunately cannot be imparted in half a day.

How to start volunteering?

Keep track of when the dates will be announced on our website or Facebook. Arrangements must be made at least one week in advance. To register, please contact us by phone or Facebook message or fill in the form below.

Za prijavo potrebujemo sledeče podatke (v primeru, da želite volontirat  kot družina, potrebujemo podatke vseh družinskih članov):

– Ime in priimek
– Starost
– Način volontiranja
– Želje/pričakovanj
– ali želite več izkušenj dela z živalmi ali z otroci

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