One-time visit

Some of the youngest horse lovers can no longer contain their passion and just need the company of these beautiful animals at every moment of the day. And it is for them that we have prepared our program: horse riding for the youngest. In this program, they will learn some special secrets about horses, have a cuddle with them, and test themselves on horseback on our mini-polygon.

If you want to give your child the chance to spend a little time with horses on your trip, the Kaja’s Hour program is the right one for you. In this one-hour program, your child will learn some basic information about horses and riding, brush a horse and be part of the process of preparing the horse for riding. This will be followed by a riding lesson.

Take some time to give your child an authentic experience with horses. In the program Who is a Horse and an hour riding lesson, your child will learn a lot of important and interesting information about these wonderful animals, learn how to properly prepare a horse for riding. And spend one school hour on horseback.

Horse riding for the youngest

Age: 3 to 8 years
Duration: 30 min
Price: 15€

Program includes::
– a short talk about horses (adapted to the age of the child)
– first contact and “cuddling” with the horse
– a short riding

Kaja’s lesson

Age: from 8 years on
Duration: 60 min
Price: 25€

Program includes:
– short psychology “101” (age-appropriate)
– learning the correct approach to the horse
– demonstration of how to prepare the horse for the riding
– first contact with the horse
– riding

Kdo je konj in ura jahanja

Age: from 8 years on
Duration: 120 min
Price: 45€

Program includes:
– Talk about horses (ethology of the horse, adapted to the child or adult).
– Horse psychology “101”
– Learning about the correct approach to the horse
– First contact with the horse and “cuddling” with the horse
– Demonstration of the correct care of the horse, brushing the horse
– Preparing the horse for riding
– One riding lesson