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Animal Ambassador International Center - the Kaja and Grom Ranch

has been working for 31 years and trying to build a deeper relationship between humans and animals. A relationship that is based on mutual respect, friendship, and love.

We believe that the key to such a relationship is understanding, and this is what we want to bring to all our visitors.



Do you want to experience what it's like to work and live in nature and with animals? Become an active part of our family and help us create a beautiful environment for our four-legged friends.

Guardian Angel

Become a guardian angel for one horse and help us to give it a long and happy life in its old age.


Every animal deserves a good and quality life. Help us bring this to our rescues and become a sponsor by donating financially or in goods. With your help, we can do more!


Summer camps

Despite the current situation, where we are still very limited due to the epidemic, Ranchers remain optimistic and believe that in the summer we will be able to move freely and embark on new adventures.

Pegasus lessons

Pegasus Hours is for all the youngest horse lovers who even at night dream of these beautiful animals. All children who can't wait to be "big enough" to take an ordinary riding lesson can join us for lessons where we will learn about horses through brushing, grooming, and of course riding.

Touch of soul and body

Spring is a time when everything awakens and life blossoms again. It is also a good time to focus your energy on freeing your mind and refreshing your body. A time for you to blossom too. Surrounded by nature and in the company of horses, you will have time to yourself and the opportunity to relax, focus on your personal growth and get back to nature. Join us for a weekend break from 28.5 to 30.5 and take some time for yourself.


Notice to all those who have registered for the Giveaway: call to all parents  

In March, we ran a “Giveaway” on our Facebook page called “Calling all parents” to which the response was unexpectedly positive and overwhelming.

We are giving away a voucher for a forty-five-minute afternoon program called Meet and Cuddle with the Animals at Ranch Kaja and Grom to everyone who correctly tagged two people who might be interested in our summer camps in a comment below.


Due to the current situation related to epidemic prevention measures, we are not able to announce the dates yet, we thank you for your understanding and invite you to follow our website and Facebook profile where we will announce the dates as soon as possible.

To receive your voucher, please contact us:

Open Pastures Day

Horse manure is the best fertilizer for our garden. Here at the Ranch, we always have plenty of it. We offer horse fertilizer to all gardeners:

  • from the stalls, mixed with sawdust (some people are against it because it is supposed to “acidify” the soil).

Price € 10 per 1 m2

  • from pastures where there is no sawdust admixture (this manure is in a special collection point and is well seasoned)

Price € 20 per 1 m2

And now, for all garden enthusiasts, here’s something new. Every Saturday you can come and pick up as much fertilizer as you need for FREE. All you need is a little more time and a shovel;)

A new “haircut” for the hayrack

When Darja and Andrej bought the property that is now home to all two- and four-legged ranchers, there was a 150-year-old house, a 2-story brick garage, a shed, and a hayrack. All the buildings were demolished for safety reasons or because they were unsuitable for our activities. Only the hayrack was left and served us well for many years. It, therefore, deserved to be renovated a little, and so we provided it with a new roof. We knew that our hayrack was at least 55 years old, but the guys who partially restored it told us that it was at least 100 years old.

Will you come and see how beautiful it is with a new “haircut”?


Living in nature and with animals. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

Drinking your morning coffee in the company of ducks and pigs, overlooking the horses in the pasture, with the sound of the birds singing, makes the most of it and makes up for a sleepless night due to colic or illness. Everything has its advantages and, unfortunately, its disadvantages. We want to share with you what this life is like and how we live it on our YouTube channel.

Four-legged friends advise

Little tips and ideas from our clever mare Kaja, crafty dog Grom, and gentle kitty Žabica (Froggy).


Our philosophy and mission. What we stand for and how we started. Interested?
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Every animal on the ranch is part of our family. Would you like to meet them?
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Meet the people who work hard to give animals a good life and a safe environment.
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Ranch Kaja and Grom is included in the Rural Development Programme measure