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Just like humans, horses need guardian angels. When does a horse need a guardian with an angelic soul?
Especially when his age or health defect does not allow him to continue to actively participate in work.

Even nowadays horses are still mainly used for riding, and there are still quite a few people who replace a horse as soon as it can no longer offer them the pleasure of riding. This shows especially in racehorses, which riders/owners replace as soon as the horse no longer meets their expectations.

Many people run into buying a horse either for themselves or for a child, without being aware of what consequences and responsibilities it brings (lifetime, financial cost, leisure time invested etc.).

Quite a few such horses land with us.

Our philosophy is that every animal that comes to us and becomes part of a ranch family, stays here until death.

Over the years, we have faced a financial challenge, as this way of working with horses is not very profitable. Older, laboured or damaged horses need special care. Special care covers everything from special supplements for maintaining weight, medications to relieve ailments, several veterinary examinations, annual corrections of horse teeth, to visits of osteopaths, homoeopathic support and other special treatments. We do not put down horses that need special care in the interest of giving them the most dignified retirement possible.

Here we turn to all of you, who see in these horses a living being, whose life span cannot be shortened due to human expectations or requirements.

Help and become the Guardian Angel of one living being and this way enable it to live a long, beautiful and dignified life.

Why become a guardian angel to a horse?

Do you agree that everyone deserves a beautiful life, a decent old age? Animals too? Together, we provide a decent life for old or injured horses, in which people usually do not see the value.

In addition, full horse care is included in the monthly contribution per horse. If you had your own horse, in addition to the monthly care, you would also pay for blacksmithing and veterinary services, as well as other unforeseen expenses. If you become a guardian angel, this amount covers everything, without additional and unforeseen expenses.

If you have a love for horses and you decide to become a Guardian Angel for at least five months, you get the sixth one for free.

Show that you care!

What do you gain from being a guardian angel?

As a Guardian Angel, you get a certificate, a golden affiliation token, a brochure about your horse, a monthly report and after 15.5.2021 you will also be able to watch your horse live via cameras installed in the stable and next to the riding arena.

How do I become a Guardian Angel?

Find your horse first, then fill out the form below. We will send you all further information within 24 hours.

Become a Guardian Angel to


with a contribution of €310 per month


with a contribution of €350 per month


with a contribution of €310 per month


with a contribution of €310 per month


with a contribution of €310 per month


with a contribution of €310 per month


with a contribution of €250 per month


with a contribution of €250 per month


with a contribution of €210 per month


with a contribution of €250 per month

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