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Name in ID: Cadarco Ninohorse
Breed: /
Year of birth: 1.5.2002

A gentleman who, despite his somewhat mature years, behaves as a teenager, came to us in October 2020. We were approached by an old acquaintance who has been involved with horses all his life. His son, Darko’s official owner, and an experienced rider competed with him in show jumping. Later they found out that Darko had a problem with his legs and after a professional examination and consultation with a vet/orthopedist they came to the conclusion that the injury could not be rehabilitated to the point where Darko could still jump. He can still be ridden, but only for recreational pleasures. Darko’s former owners are involved in horse training and show jumping and despite their desire, they could no longer keep him. So they approached us to see if we could welcome him into our family. We should mention that the owners did not agree to sell or lease Darko elsewhere, but with us, they were reassured about Darko’s future.

Darko’s arrival added a special charm to the stable. As soon as you make contact with him, your heart melts. Although he is our third giant, he is a gentle but playful soul who loves to snuggle. Our morning ritual is to cuddle with him for at least ten minutes before we can get back to our chores. In addition to his cuddling nature, he has a lot of playfulness in him. He still has a childlike sparkle. He is so happy to move the cones around, open the zip and hide the brushes.

As mentioned, Darko can still be ridden but only recreationally, slowly for pleasure. He relaxes and enjoys short walks in the manege or on trail riding. However, as he is extremely responsive to the rider’s commands he is suitable for someone who knows the basics of English/Dressage riding. A little pressure of the leg and he’s in the walk, a leg a little too far back, and “hop” we’re in the trot. For advanced riders, it is a real pleasure and privilege to spend a few moments on Darko’s back.