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Name in ID: Čunolina
Breed: Vietnamese pig
Year of birth: 2009

Čunolina is 11 years “young” and a true lady. She will never eat next to her poo or sleep in the dirt. She is also never seen all muddy and wet. Chunolina roams freely around the Ranch. Sometimes she comes to the front of the house to see what’s going on and if we have any treats for her. Despite her large body, she is in pretty good shape, which she proves by standing on her hind legs when she wants to push the horse away from the bucket of oats or by galloping and rioting when we want to change the hay on her “bed”. When she has “those days of the month” she can be a bit unpredictable. She is kind to the person she respects, but with everyone else, she engages in a power struggle by pushing her muzzle in their shoes and sound effects. When the person backs off, Chunolina is extremely pleased with the result and smiles happily.