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Pegasus lessons for youngest

Some children express an uncontrollable love for horses from a very young age and want to spend every moment in the company of these majestic animals. Pegasus Lessons are dedicated to them and through these lessons, children will learn about the language of the horse, its habits, as well as proper care. The main focus of the program is based on the first genuine relationship with a horse. Of course, we will also deepen the connection between a horse and a child by riding.

Age: 3 to 8 years
Duration: every Tuesday and Thursday
Price: 100€ for 10 visits

Equestrian club

The Equestrian club aims to introduce the horse as a living being to the child, especially through care, leading and Equility, and last but not least through riding. We believe that knowing the horse as a living being helps us to be better riders. The Club consists of two parts. The first part is dedicated to riding, as this is normally the most important part for a child. The second part is dedicated to building a bond between a child and a horse and learning about the psychology of these animals through care and Equility. The Equestrian Club takes place twice a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are dedicated to riding while Thursdays and Fridays are dedicated to Equility.

Age: 8 years and up
Duration: during the week
Price: 190€ for 10 visits, if you buy 10 lessons you get 1 bonus lesson

Riding lessons

We place great emphasis on the rider’s balance on the horse, as experience has shown us that this is not only better for the horse but also safer for the rider.
To work well with horses, getting off to the right start is paramount. We always start the course with a two-hour session in which we first introduce the participant to the basic psychology of the horse, its habits and language, and the correct preparation of the horse for riding (grooming, bridling, saddling), and then we get into the saddle and start to learn the basics of balanced riding. This lays a strong foundation for further work with the horse based on understanding, cooperation, and safety. Other lessons usually last for an hour.
After completing the initial course, you can continue with the Recreational Riding Course, which is held once a week, or the Advanced Course, which is held twice a week.

Beginner Course

Age: 8 years and up
Duration: by arrangement
Price: 25€ per lesson

Beginner courses are held individually unless some siblings or friends wish to start together.
If possible, we suggest that the student spends two hours a week in the beginners’ course, as this will help them to progress more quickly. We know that practice makes perfect and the same is true for riding. The shorter the intervals between the lessons, the easier it is to remember mentally and physically certain commands and movements.
Anyone who wants to ride with us starts with the Beginner Course. The initial course usually lasts 10 hours. However, depending on the rider’s background, motor skills, and progress, the initial course may take less time.
In the Beginner Course, we teach the correct way to sit in the saddle, to move harmoniously with the horse, and to apply the rider’s facts correctly to the horse (how to lead the horse, how to use weight on the horse, what effect the facts of the legs and reins have on the horse, etc.). The teaching is adapted to the age or understanding of the rider.
For the Advanced Course, the participant must have mastered the movement of the horse and be able to lead the horse independently.

Recreational Riding Course

Age: 8 years and up
Duration: by arrangement
Price: 250€ for 10 lessons, if you buy 10 lessons you get 1 bonus lesson

Nowadays, children have very varied schedules and, despite their desire, cannot spend more than an hour a week with horses. For them, the Recreational Riding Course is the right solution. During the course, the child progresses and every hour deepens already acquired knowledge and acquires new knowledge about horses and riding.
As the course is run once a week, progression is a little slower than in the Advanced Course due to the time interval between the two lessons. Nevertheless, riders progress, consolidate the correct sitting and leading of the horse in the various steps, and build on their knowledge by performing the various elements (correct riding of turns, diagonals, changing on the centerline, small circle, big circle, etc.).
The course is taught individually and takes place once a week.

Advanced Course

Age: 8 years and up
Duration: by arrangement
Price: 190€ for 10 lessons, if you buy 10 lessons you get 1 bonus lesson

After the Beginner Course has been completed, or when we judge that the rider has acquired enough knowledge to ride and control the horse independently, we start the Advanced Course. Riding takes place in a group, which is formed based on the riders’ knowledge and experience. In the Beginner Course, the rider has acquired the correct saddle position, mastered different walks of the horse, and gained insight into leading the horse and the correct use of commands. In the Advanced Course, we practice these commands through riding in small circles, large circles, diagonals, and changes on the centerline etc. we start practising the canter when the rider is sufficiently comfortable and balanced in the saddle.
The advanced course takes place in a group of 4 participants and takes place twice a week.