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Name in ID: Lady Valerija, affectionately Petarda/Rocket
Breed: /
Year of birth: 6.4.2018

Beti is a 3-year-old princess who came to us in August 2020 in the company of Bella from the Horse
Rescue Association. Beti came to the Association as a foal with her mother and father. We don’t know her history before she came to the Association, but she was raised there very well and she was cuddled so much that now she is a real snuggler. Of course, when she arrived at the Ranch, she was not trained for riding, as she was too young for that.
From the first time we saw Beti, we already knew that she is a real ranch horse. When you look at her, you are amazed at her wisdom and stability. This can be a little deceiving because she is still a curious child who is happy to bounce around and play. She loves to play with other horses, and she particularly enjoys challenges such as finding the door or the gate and exploring all the different ways it can be opened. First, you have to check where the paddock door is, then very slowly pull the electric fencing or rope until it goes “clink” or “tsk” and then… FREEDOM. Of course, if she tries hard, she can also unhook the carabiner. She immensely enjoys water “sports” such as dipping her nose in a bucket of water, blowing bubbles, and splashing other horses or people.
Beti is a friendly mare who is happy to see any horse or person. She is not looking for a conflict with other horses, but for a playmate and partner for playing pranks. She is very curious when she is around people and will do anything for petting and cuddling. Sometimes this is a bit tiring, as she almost won’t let you clean her stall. Yes, cleaning her stall takes twice as long as with other horses as you have to spend the first 15 minutes cuddling her.
We don’t ride Beti yet as she is only 3 years old. This year, together with Bella and Iza, we will slowly start to get her ready for riding. We believe that with her intelligence and dedication, she will be a great horse even for the younger riders. Beti reminds us of a young Pegaz, both are old souls full of wisdom and energy for life. When you are with Beti you get a feeling of calmness and a desire to be in contact, to snuggle.