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In 2008, the Kaja and Grom Ranch Center was awarded the title of Animal Ambassador International Centre for its 19 years of work in the field of animal understanding, which is a great honor for the Ranch.


Our mission is to connect people, animals and nature, so they would all live in peaceful coexistence.
We are committed to making society aware that every individual can contribute to a better future for all.


We believe, that each individual has to strive to the best of their ability to live in harmony, equality and peace, equally in both interpersonal relationships and in relation to nature and animals. We wish for people to be more connected to nature, animals and consequently to other people.


To teach people to understand animals and nature. If people get to understand the two, they will be able to feel with them and that is a big step forward from just liking them. If you feel with someone, you understand them and treat them with respect and friendliness. We aim to expand the boundaries of communication between humans and nature.

Our vision, mission and aim closely connect animals, plants and people. All living beings co-create nature and our lives are so closely interconnected. As Animal Ambassadors we are aware of this and were also devoted to protecting plants and complete nature.

All the programs we offer at the Kaja and Grom Ranch have a touch of Animal Ambassador in it. Even with programs dedicated to the youth, the basics of horse speech and correct behaviour in the horse’s proximity are explained at their level of understanding.

Since the beginning, our work has been focused on the well-being of animals and nature. In all our programs, guests learn information, that help them better understand horses and all other animals as well as nature. In order to help with that, 30 years ago, we established programmes with horses, conversations about horses, then so-called »First hour« and today renamed »Horse 101«. We always adapt how we mediate information according to participants’ wishes and age. We entrust the “secrets” about animals to the younger children, with a bit older guests we talk about our furry and feathered friends, but for adult guests, there is a lecture/presentation ready.

Soon after the establishment of the Kaja and Grom Ranch, we began adopting horses and other animals that their owners no longer wanted or were not able to have. Due to the limited space in the barn, we can only adopt or save a certain number of animals at a time, as our philosophy is not to sell them and they stay with us until the end of their lives. We strive to provide all animals with a safe and free home where they can relax and shine in all of their beauty.

Program Angel varuh
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From 1989 until…

Ever since the establishment of the Kaja and Grom Ranch, our work has differed from the then-established way of working with horses in Slovenia. We have tried to advocate for a friendly way of working with horses, and a lot of times there was gossip, that at the Ranch we couldn’t decide whether we would be riding or petting horses. Despite all this, we continued our work and also upgraded and improved it. With this way of work, the Tellington TTouch method matched well, as it is based on respect and comprehension of horses. Since 1993, we have included this method in our programs and 1997 we organized a multi-day seminar on the Tellington TTouch method in Lipica with instructor Beo Borelle. In 2000, we went a step further and organized a seminar in Prestranek with the one and only founder of the method, Linda Tellington Jones. In 2004, Darja Žnidaršič attended a meeting of Animal Ambassadors in Germany. In the same year, the Kaja and Grom Ranch relocated and in 2008 we held an official opening, at which we received the title of Animal Ambassador International Center Slovenia. In 2012, we organized a meeting for Linda Tellington Jones to meet with the then Slovenian President, Borut Pahor, to determine the state of life and status of animals in Slovenia and also to find ways to improve the situation. Manca Grubič presented the Animal Ambassador International Center Slovenia in 2013 in Santa Fe (United States), 2015 in Vienna (Austria) and in 2017 in Bad Orb (Germany). In 2018, under the leadership of Darja Žnidaršič, we organized the International Conference Animal and nature Ambassadors on Rogla (Slovenia). At the conference participated ??? countries.